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20473 core Ractor array/hash literals
20472 core Ractor support for ** into hash literal
20471 core win Problem creating a file on a windows share and copy it afterwards
20468 core Segfault on safe navigation in for target
20466 core Interpolated regular expressions have different encoding than interpolated strings
20465 core maybenotbug parse.y adds an extra empty string to the AST
20464 patch core Redundant returns are unreachable in coverage
20462 core maybenotbug Native threads are no longer reused
20461 core Unreadable pipe included in the readable IO of IO.select
20459 ractor Ractor.select() deadlock?
20457 patch core Final `return` is eliminated from the AST
20456 core maybenotbug Hash can get stuck marked as iterating through process forking
20455 core maybenotbug rb_errinfo() inconsistent with $! in the caller Ruby code
20451 ext backport Bad Ruby 3.1.5 backport causes fiddle to fail to build
20449 ext backport Ripper issue in field production on Ruby 3.1.5
20447 build backport Ruby 3.3.1 broken on i686 due to "incompatible pointer type" error
20439 core Invalid string format with n$ flag is ignored in some case
20438 core String format "%\n" and "%\0" does not raise format error
20433 core Hash.inspect for some hash returns syntax invalid representation
20424 ext ZLib::GZipReader always double allocates strings when passed outbuf, significantly increasing memory usage
20421 core String#index and String#byteindex don't clear `$~` when offset > size (or bytesize)
20420 doc benchmark/gc/redblack.rb license clarification
20419 core [BUG] inconsistent freelist length with cppflags='-DRGENGC_CHECK_MODE -DUSE_RUBY_DEBUG_LOG=1'
20416 notbug core IO#read doesn't preserve buffer encoding if `maxlen = nil`
20412 maybenotbug core UTF-8 String encoding behavior differs between 3.2, 3.3 and master
20409 core Missing reporting some invalid breaks
20401 core Duplicated when clause warning line number
20399 ext Ripper doesn't respect implicit -x
20397 doc The nkf license in LEGAL file seems to be obsolete
20395 doc Invalid license note in vsnprintf.c
20346 fiber ractor FiberScheduler.unblock not called by Thread#join when Thread body contains Ractor.take
20344 core argument stack underflow (-1)
20340 ractor Ractor comments not applying to constant targets
20337 core Complex#inspect mutates the string returned by `real.inspect`
20319 core Singleton class is being frozen lazily in some cases
20316 regexp Regexp quantifier behavior changes in different syntactic context.
20315 regexp Quantifier expansion leads to different results in Regexp.
20314 lib Simultaneous Timeout expires may raise an exception after the block
20301 lib notbug patch `Set#add?` does two hash look-ups
20299 tracepoint Tracepoint staying enable after a disable
20294 parser Parser no longer warns on some duplicated keys
20285 core patch Stale inline method caches when refinement modules are reopened
20283 build os/arch Build failed since Ruby 3.2.3 if Xcode.app was renamed to space contained name.
20271 ractor patch Issue with moving embedded string across ractors
20269 maybenotbug core bignum too big to convert into `long' when running String#byteslice on Windows
20267 ractor patch Hashes that use ar_table aren't moved properly across ractors
20255 ractor patch Embedded arrays aren't moved correctly across ractors
20243 mnthreads M:N threading VM_ASSERT failure in rb_current_execution_context with clang 17 (on Linux)
20237 core Unable to unshare(CLONE_NEWUSER) in Linux because of timer thread
20225 regexp Inconsistent behavior of regex matching for a regex has a null loop
20203 maybenotbug `TestEnumerable` test failures with GCC 14
20189 patch core `rb_str_resize` does not clear coderange when expanding
20186 ext Ripper does not generate AST for some keywords in Ruby 3.3
20179 build maybenotbug `--with-ruby-version` configure option is not correctly applied to `rubyhdrdir`
20171 lib ri -i ruby interactive pressing tab does not autocomplete
20167 ractor coverage Code execution isn't recorded in Ractor
20165 ractor Ractors moving a Struct breaks beyond the first 3 fields
20158 ractor coverage Ractor affects Coverage results
20155 fiber Using value of rb_fiber_scheduler_current() crashes Ruby
20154 fiber os/arch patch aarch64: configure overrides `-mbranch-protection` if it was set in CFLAGS via environment
20151 os/arch build Can't build Ruby 3.1 on FreeBSD 14.0
20147 os/arch build FreeBSD libyaml
20146 ractor Code using Ractor with env `RUBY_MAX_CPU=1` ends with unreachable
20112 ractor perf Ractors not working properly in ruby 3.3.0
20103 thread rb_internal_thread_remove_event_hook() hangs when called from within a Thread hook
20097 regexp Regexp#match? with empty capture group repeat is inconsistent
20089 fiber Fiber#kill transfers to root fiber
20088 build os/arch Ruby 3.3.0 does not cross-complie on arm64-darwin
20082 fiber maybenotbug Killing fibers across threads: unexpected exception
20081 fiber notbug doc Transfered Fiber doesn't return to Fiber that started it
20079 core alexandria testsuite began to segfault recently
20067 core IO.pipe `int_enc` and `ext_enc` not working as documented?
20047 thread ConditionVariable#wait has spurious wakeups from signal traps
20045 test os/arch `TestDir#test_home` fails on i686
20043 core `defined?` checks for method existence but only sometimes
20041 core Array destructuring and default values in parameters
20020 regexp Segfault running regexp match?
20009 core Marshal.load raises exception when load dumped class include non-ASCII
19996 mnthreads `RUBY_MN_THREADS=1` triggers Action Cable unit test failures
19986 win Win32: `HOME` is set to just `HOMEDRIVE` if `HOMEPATH` is unset
19984 test `make test-bundler-parallel` fails with ` --enable-shared`
19981 ractor os/arch bootstraptest/test_ractor.rb: Segmentation fault on arm32
19970 core os/arch Eval leaks callcache and callinfo objects on arm32 (linux)
19922 core patch ObjectSpace.dump_all in multiple threads in parallel causes SEGV
19920 os/arch build Ruby 3.1 fails to build with --enable-shared on macos-arm64: is an incompatible architecture (have 'arm64', need '')
19910 patch lib maybenotbug Set#delete_if behavior inconsistent with Array/Hash
19891 tracepoint rb_mRubyVMFrozenCore is reported by DTrace but ignored by TracePoint
19875 core perf notbug Ruby 3.0 -> 3.1 Performance regression in String#count
19869 test Mark skipped test somehow
19865 core patch Segfault when calling user signal handlers during VM shutdown
19841 core Marshal.dump stack overflow with recursive Time
19831 os/arch build warning message of linker with macOS Sonoma beta
19794 os/arch build Ruby 3.2.2 fails to build on macOS Sonoma betas
19765 ractor Ractor.make_shareable ignores self of a proc created from a Method
19761 os/arch core AddressSanitizer fails with Thread and Process
19756 lib URI::HTTP.build does not accept a host of `_gateway`, but `URI.parse` will.
19749 patch core Confirm correct behaviour when attaching private method with `#define_method`
19703 win core text/binary mode of parent process fd is not properly inherited on windows
19701 core The rb_classext_t::classpath field is not marked for T_ICLASS
19696 yjit YJIT panicked - branch stubs should never enlarge branches
19636 encoding String#encode EUC_JIS_2004で"¥"がEncoding::UndefinedConversionErrorになる
19631 maybenotbug core module_eval does not propulate absolute_path for Kernel.caller_locations
19609 win lib net/http ignores open_timeout, read_timeout on Windows
19598 tracepoint maybenotbug Inconsistent behaviour of TracePoint API
19562 ractor Setting default_(in|ex)ternal encoding after running an Ractor freezes ruby
19558 core patch str.dump.undump crashes when str contains both Unicode and ASCII control characters
19557 core Deadlock on STDOUT(ERR) lock on signal handler
19473 maybenotbug thread can't be called from trap context (ThreadError) is too limiting
19470 perf notbug Frequent small range-reads from and then writes to a large array are very slow
19438 perf Ruby 2.7 -> 3.2 Performance Regression in so_k_nucleotide benchmark
19413 core Can't move object when 2 ivars refer to same object
19412 ext Socket starts queueing and not responding after a certain amount of requests
19410 ractor If move from ractor fails with error, some objects are left in broken state
19408 ractor Object no longer frozen after moved from a ractor
19407 ractor 2 threads taking from current ractor will hang forever
19387 ractor Issue with ObjectSpace.each_objects not returning objects after starting a ractor
19384 win encoding ASCII 128..154 characters in IO.popen or %x output do not reflect the proper encoding in Windows
19383 patch win encoding Time.now.zone encoding for German display language in Windows is incorrect
19378 patch core win Windows: Use less syscalls for faster require of big gems
19374 patch ractor Issue with Ractor.make_shareable with curried procs
19372 patch ractor Proc objects are not traversed for shareable check during Ractor.make_shareable(prok)
19369 patch ractor Small corner-case issue that breaks Ractor isolation: change cloned object from another thread
19368 ractor Small issue with isolated procs and eval
19367 patch ractor Issue with ractor local storage API
19364 ractor tracepoint Issue with tracepoint enable/disable across ractors
19363 coverage Fix rb_transient_heap_mark: wrong header (T_STRUCT) segfault
19338 ractor Ruby hangs when ouputting warnings inside ractor with VM lock held
19313 test os/arch Leaked file descriptors while running test-all
19297 test Don't download content from internet to execute Ruby test suite
19288 ractor perf Ractor JSON parsing significantly slower than linear parsing
19268 build win Mingw64 Build Failure
19266 lib URI::Generic should use URI::RFC3986_PARSER instead of URI::DEFAULT_PARSER
19251 test Limit amount of test failures due to updates of tzdata
19231 core Integer#step and Float::INFINITY - inconsistent behaviour when called with and without a block
19192 core win IO has third data mode, document is incomplete.
19172 core `ruby_thread_has_gvl_p` is innacurate sometimes -- document or change?
19165 perf Method (with no param) delegation with *, **, and ... is slow
19157 lib URI bad component validation can be tricked
19154 ractor Specify require and autoload guarantees in ractors
19112 ractor tracepoint Ractor garbage collection breaks/disables all active tracepoints
19044 win build Attempting to compile a static ruby 3.1 fails with MinGW
19043 ext Segfault on macOS 11.7 while using StringScanner in multiple threads
19039 core Closing an IO being select'ed in another thread does not resume the thread
19017 patch lib Net::HTTP may block when attempting to reuse a persistent connection
18995 core IO#set_encoding sometimes set an IO's internal encoding to the default external encoding
18966 parser Strange behavior when numbered parameters and method definition are both used in a block
18947 win core Unexpected Errno::ENAMETOOLONG on Windows
18940 ractor Ruby Ractor fails with IOError when handling higher concurrency
18923 win Dir.glob Errno::ENAMETOOLONG - Caused by outdated logic in open_dir_handle (win32.c)
18903 core Stack overflow signal handling seems to be triggered once and then not working after
18878 parser parse.y: Foo::Bar {} is inconsistently rejected
18842 lib Ruby's Resolv library does not handle correctly the `NODATA` case
18818 fiber Thread waitq does not retain referenced objects, can lead to use after free.
18804 core Invalid line number for putnil instruction
18794 win Windows - intermittent SEGV TestObjSpace#test_reachable_objects_during_iteration
18740 tracepoint Use of rightward assignment changes line number needed for line-targeted TracePoint
18733 os/arch Ruby GC problems cause performance issue with Ractor
18677 ext BigDecimal#power (**) returns FloatDomainError when passing an infinite parameter
18661 win core Net::HTTP behavior changed between 2.6 and 3.1 on windows.
18622 maybenotbug core const_get still looks in Object, while lexical constant lookup no longer does
18608 build `require': cannot load such file -- ripper (LoadError) after `make distclean`
18605 win core Fails to run on (newer) 32bit Windows with ucrt
18601 encoding Invalid byte sequences in Big5 encodings
18510 win core Unexpected waiting for console when starting ruby on windows
18507 os/arch build Incorrect target_os detection in configure script
18506 build make and make install rebuild items every time unnecessarily - sometimes causing races in parallel installs
18492 win core `rb_rescue2` inside `rb_protect` segfaults on Windows
18476 core Call to require stuck forever after receiving EAGAIN on writev when running with zeus
18473 os/arch ext Raw data in Socket::Option#inspect on Amazon Linux 2
18455 core perf `IO#close` has poor performance and difficult to understand semantics.
18444 os/arch core Trapped TSTP causes a locking deadlock in 3.0.3 onward
18412 ractor Segfault in test_ractor.rb
18396 parser An unexpected "hash value omission" syntax error when without parentheses call expr follows
18359 win [Windows MinGW] warning Please include winsock2.h before windows.h
18338 encoding Encoding.default_external = Encoding::UTF_16BE may add a wrongly-encoded string to $LOADED_FEATURES
18337 parser encoding Ruby allows zero-width characters in identifiers
18255 core ioctl zeroes the last buffer byte
18152 core Fix theoretical bug with signals + qsort
18132 thread TODO: fix ccan/list thread safety
18131 os/arch addr2line.c: Some inlined functions mistakenly shown
18119 ractor Ractor crashes when instantiating classes
18080 parser Syntax error on one-line pattern matching
18061 os/arch Execshield test: libruby.so.N.N.N: FAIL: property-note test because no .note.gnu.property section found
18013 regexp Unexpected results when mxiing negated character classes and case-folding
18012 regexp Case-insensitive character classes can only match multiple code points when top-level character class is not negated
18010 regexp Character class with single character gets case-folded with following string
18009 regexp Regexps \w and \W with /i option and /u option produce inconsistent results under nested negation and intersection
18002 test os/arch s390x: Tests failing without LC_ALL env
17999 test os/arch TestMethod#test_zsuper intermittent timeout error on raspbian10-aarch64 CI
17998 ractor ractor: process hanging (with ractors initialized, but not being used)
17990 regexp Inconsistent behavior of Regexp quantifiers over characters with complex case foldings
17989 regexp Case insensitive Regexps do not handle characters with overlapping case foldings
17931 build win Compile fails setup option nodynamic
17925 parser Pattern matching syntax using semicolon one-line
17882 ractor cygwin bootstraptest/test_ractor.rb:224 segfaults on Cygwin
17878 ractor bootstraptest/test_ractor.rb:224 a random failing test with "The outgoing-port is already closed (Ractor::ClosedError)"
17792 core os/arch make notes and make test fail with Ruby3.0.1p64 RaspberryPI 4B Ubuntu 20.10 ARM64
17774 regexp Quantified empty group causes regex to fail
17678 ractor Ractors do not restart after fork
17677 ractor Ractor crashes fork when blocking
17624 ractor Ractor.receive is not thread-safe
17617 ractor When a Ractor's incoming port is closed, Ractor.receive_if does not raise Ractor::ClosedError, but instead blocks indefinitely
17578 lib mkmf experimental C++ Support
17516 ractor forking in a ractor causes Ruby to crash
17506 ractor Ractor isolation broken by ThreadGroup
17420 ractor Unsafe mutation of $" when doing non-RubyGems require in Ractor
17400 encoding Incorrect character downcase for Greek Sigma
17359 ractor Ractor copy mode is not Ractor-safe
17142 build os/arch Ruby fails to build in AIX
16997 core win IO#gets converts some \r\n to \n with universal_newline: false
16905 build os/arch Ruby required to build Ruby on Haiku?
16829 maybenotbug fiber Exceptions raised from within an enumerated method lose part of their stacktrace
16819 core Line reporting off by one when reporting line of a hash?
16776 coverage Regression in coverage library
16497 ext encoding StringIO#internal_encoding is broken (more severely in 2.7)
16158 regexp notbug "st" Character Sequence In Regex Look-Behind Causes Illegal Pattern Error When Combined With POSIX Bracket Expressions And Case Insensitivity Flag
16145 regexp regexp match error if mixing /i, character classes, and utf8
15993 win encoding 'require' doesn't work if there are Cyrillic chars in the path to Ruby dir
15764 parser Whitespace and control characters should not be permitted in tokens
15599 core autoload Mixing autoload and require causes deadlock and incomplete definition.
15598 core autoload Deadlock on mutual reference of autoloaded constants
15550 win Windows - gem bin files - can't run from bash shell
15499 thread Breaking behavior on ruby 2.6: rb_thread_call_without_gvl doesn't invoke unblock_function when used on the main thread
15423 core os/arch fork leapfrog leaks memory on FreeBSD 11.2
15386 patch core [PATCH] io.c (rb_io_check_char_readable): do not io_fflush buffered sockets
15367 core IO.select is not resumed when io-object gets closed
15334 test cygwin child_info_fork::abort: address space needed by 'emoji_iso2022_kddi.so' on cygwin
15315 patch core ec_switch can still lose interrupts
15310 patch thread [PATCH] thread_pthread.c: close race from UBF_TIMER and non-GVL-releasing thread
15263 patch core [PATCH] vm_trace.c (postponed_job_register): only hit main thread
15247 win test Windows - TEMP folder, non 8.3 & drive, fails & errors in test-all (ruby & rdoc)
15097 cygwin lib Gem install fails on Ruby 2.5.1 with Cygwin (get_dns_server_list undefined)
14838 regexp notbug RegexpError with double "s" in look-behind assertion in case-insensitive unicode regexp
14761 os/arch thread TestThread#test_join_limits hangs up on Solaris 10 with gcc
14727 win thread TestQueue#test_queue_with_trap always timeout on Windows10
14681 core `syswrite': stream closed in another thread (IOError)
14640 win core [win32] File.realpath treats a relative path with a drive letter as an absolute path.
14582 patch tracepoint Unable to use `method__entry` and `method_return` tracing probes since 2.5
14480 os/arch build miniruby crashing when compiled with -O2 or -O1 on aarch64
14364 core Regexp last match variable in procs
14090 core `TestGc#test_interrupt_in_finalizer` fails very rarely
13999 cygwin ext Cygwin 環境で ripper_state_lex.rb がコアダンプする
13671 regexp Regexp with lookbehind and case-insensitivity raises RegexpError only on strings with certain characters
13164 core os/arch A second `SystemStackError` exception results in `Segmentation fault (core dumped)`
13151 win core File.writable? doesn't report correctly if a directory is writable on Windows.
12725 cygwin build Trying to use ./miniruby before it exists
12689 core Thread isolation of $~ and $_
12582 ext OpenSSL Authenticated Encryption should check for tag length
12506 cygwin On cygwin, Feature #5994 does not work
12445 cygwin thread Testing TestIO#test_open_fifo_does_not_block_other_threads results in deadlock on cygwin
12444 cygwin core Segmentation fault when running TestException#test_machine_stackoverflow on cygwin
12442 cygwin core TestArgf#test_textmode fails on cygwin
12179 build Build failure due to VPATH expansion
12040 win core [Win32] File.stat fails on a mounted volume
11840 cygwin test Error with "make check" on Cygwin
11808 core Different behavior between Enumerable#grep and Array#grep
11438 win thread native_thread_init_stack() get machine.stack_start unequal to thread's stack start address, x86 win32
11142 win core Command line argument parser on windows handles double quotes inconsistently.
10416 build Create mechanism for updating of Unicode data files downstreams when we want
10128 win core Quoting problem for arguments of Kernel.system, Kernel.exec on Windows
10009 thread perf IO operation is 10x slower in multi-thread environment
9760 build mkmf does not allow for linking against custom libraries when a system library is present
9409 cygwin encoding Cygwin で "filesystem" の encoding が正しくないケース
9189 win encoding Build failure on Windows in case of nonascii TEMP environment.
9115 patch lib Logger traps all exceptions; breaks Timeout
9010 build ./configure --prefix= cannot handle directories with spaces
8445 patch core IO.open and IO#set_enconding does not support :fallback option
8444 core Regexp vars $~ and friends are not thread local
8185 thread Thread/fork issue
7968 ext perf Poor UDPSocket#send performance in ruby 2.0.0 on windows
7964 encoding ext Writing an ASCII-8BIT String to a StringIO created from a UTF-8 String
7892 ext MIME encoding bug of NKF.nkf
7742 encoding System encoding (Windows-1258) is not recognized by Ruby to convert back to UTF-8
6360 win build Debug information build even without requesting it
6351 encoding transcode table generator does not support multi characters of Unicode